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What it Takes: Curiosity

There are so many attributes of entrepreneurs.  They usually combine those wonderful abilities to envision and execute that translates into getting important things done.  But one characteristic shared by all the entrepreneurs I know is curiosity.  Their curiosity may be about their industry, their market, their competition, technology or other areas related to their own business or success.  More often, though, it includes a voracious curiosity about people.  They ask a lot of questions of their colleagues and co-workers and are genuinely interested in the answers.  They are especially interested in their customers and will take the time to get to know them, their concerns and desires.  Often they like to travel and delve into other cultures.  I find that even the busiest entrepreneurs are also patrons of the arts, or political activists or sports fans.  No single entrepreneur will necessarily be an expert in law and finance and human resources and programming and every other function required to build and grow an organization, but they will take a keen interest in every one of these, because they want to know how people and processes work.  Then they can make them work better.  It starts with curiosity.

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