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startGBC Summer Camp 2019

Application Deadline: Friday July 26, 2019 before 12:00am


*Open to GBC Students and Alumni

Get your calendars ready! The startGBC Entrepreneur Discovery Camp is almost amongst us!

The startGBC Entrepreneur Discovery Summer Camp is a two-week intensive bootcamp for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their knowledge on how to effectively run a business. From August 19 to August 30, 2019, this bootcamp will run multiple workshops facilitated by experienced professionals within each area of knowledge, and will also include a trip to multiple entrepreneurial hubs within the Toronto ecosystem.

Dates & Times:

Monday August 19 to Friday August 30, 2019; 10am to 4pm.

Workshop Topics:

Ideation (Generating A Business Idea) & the Business Model Canvas

This will focus on:

  • How to identify and recognize a business opportunity
  • How to generate a business idea by creating a better solution from what already exists
  • Ideating, describing, evaluating and discussing a business model using the Business Model Canvas (BMC)
  • Developing a hands-on understanding of how to use the BMC as a framework and storyboard to assess the effectiveness of customer relationships and channels.

Market Validation, Product Validation & Research

This will focus on:

  • Identifying competitors, sales channels, and legal requirements around offering
  • Developing the strategy and tactics of market validation
  • Take a deep dive into the target market using primary research techniques to develop a product with unique features that are compelling to your target audience
  • Identifying the critical path to achieving a MVP
  • Creating a road-map for bringing your product or service to market successfully.

Business/Regulatory Requirements

This will focus on:

  • Business Incorporation and legal requirements
  • Business permits and registration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Understanding Contracts

Value Proposition and Pitching Skills

This will focus on:

  • Creating a strong pitch with the 10/20/30 pitch deck slide guideline
  • Understanding and practicing all the stages of the speech-making process (focusing on a topic, developing main points and evidence, using transitions, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and delivering etc.)
  • Evaluating content on both verbal and non-verbal criteria
  • Developing the art of good storytelling
  • Understanding the importance of knowing your audience. Virtual reality training apps and headsets will be used and available for participants to test and perfect their techniques
  • Understanding the value your business provides

Building Brand Success

This will focus on:

  • The essentials of developing a marketing strategy and marketing campaigns
  • Developing a brand identity, brand awareness and consistent branding guidelines
  • Developing a social media engagement strategy
  • Nurturing and maintaining brand loyalty

Business Networking, Relationship Building and Public Relations (PR)

This will focus on:

  • Business networking etiquette
  • Learning how to work a room with increased self-confidence
  • Learning the critical elements of planning and preparation for any/all business networking events
  • Identifying primary business contacts
  • Learning how to follow-up with potential contacts
  • Understanding the benefits and impact of good PR

The Art of Effective Sales

This will focus on:

  • Analyzing sales opportunities, clarifying prospects, and closing the sale
  • Evaluating the role and function of the salesperson
  • Exploring different types of sales presentations and how to develop a sales pitch that will satisfy target customer needs and wants
  • Pre-selling activities, techniques and procedures to use during the sales interaction and post sales activity

Financial Literacy 

This will focus on:

  • Understanding financial statements and terminology to be able to track and forecast sales, profit and loss, and tax implications
  • Giving participants the knowledge to be able to ask informed questions of their financial professionals
  • Promoting the use of financial management tools to evaluate the business journey and to ensure competent budget creation, monitoring, cash management, product/division/customer analysis, planning/forecasting and trend analysis
  • Understanding company tax obligations and HST basics

Getting Money: What Lenders and Investors Want

This will focus on:

  • Understanding what banks or investors are looking for when evaluating your business
  • This workshop will also include presentations by funders within the Toronto ecosystem

Technology Adoption Boot Camp

This will focus on:

  • Exploring technology as a resource
  • How to create a dynamic web presence
  • Increasing website traffic and understanding search engine optimization
  • E-Commerce, including purchasing and selling online
  • Open source software
  • Cloud computing
  • Legal and privacy regulations
  • Social media integration
  • Knowledge on software resources for entrepreneurs such as HubSpot, MailChimp, WordPress, Hootsuite, Trello, Eventbrite, Doodle, Slack and others

And much more!

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