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startGBC KahootsHQ Community

Kahoots connects students and entrepreneurs with different backgrounds. They wanted to create a platform for users to show off the projects they’re working on, but more importantly, give them better access to talent to build out their project team.

Entrepreneurs with project ideas or early stage startups need a variety of skills to get up and running. They also however, lack the capital needed to hire professionals. Simultaneously, students and recent grads often lack the experience needed to get a job in their field.

Kahoots brings both parties together to build innovative startups and exciting passion projects

They’re Ryerson University students who met while pursuing undergraduate degrees in entrepreneurship.  The students around them in the entrepreneurship program had strong business ideas, but lacked the skills sets needed to get their projects built. They wanted to connect with the engineers, programmers, and the film students on campus, be didn’t have any opportunities to meet them.

They’re now on a mission to create a skilled community of collaborators. They’re helping students and young entrepreneurs build stronger project teams. They’re bridging the gap between academia and the workplace by giving students the opportunity to hone their skills and work on exciting projects in their field of interest.

At startGBC, we think they have the right idea and we’ve opened a startGBC community so George Brown students or entrepreneurs can also connect with each other or with any student or entrepreneur on Kahoots from any college or university.  If you have something to offer, this is your chance!  If you’re looking for someone to join your project, look no further.  www.kahootshq.com

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