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Stan A.I. Takes Home First Place at Digifest IT’S A START Pitch Competition 2019

STAN AI Wins 1st Prize at ITS A START Pitch Competition at Digifest 2019

Stan A.I. the world’s first property management assistant for condominiums powered by artificial intelligence, has won the Digifest IT’S A START Pitch Competition 2019. Stan A.I. works with all management software eliminating the need to learn or switch software, no clunky portals to update. Because STAN intelligently links with any management software used by your condo or management company.

Ten startups were selected to pitch their ideas in front of a live audience and judges at Digifest 2019.  Congratulations to Stan A.I. for being awarded first place and winning the the top cash prize of $5000! As part of the winnings, Stan A.I. will also have the opportunity to attend the Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC) in Beijing, China!

All the best to Stan A.I.!


2nd place: LinkMentalHealth – https://www.linkmentalhealth.com/

3rd place: Shuttershare – https://app.shuttershare.io/

People’s Choice: Retreat – https://getretreat.co/

Honourable Mention: Mero – https://mero.co/

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