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startGBC @ Stackt Market

Stackt Market Project - Logos of startGBC, Remix Project, Business in the Streets, StartUp Here Toronto and Stackt
Stackt Market Partners

startGBC is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with StartUp Here Toronto to offer 18 George Brown College supported start-ups an opportunity to showcase their business offering at the exciting Stackt Market Toronto activation.

Stackt Market is an exciting innovative pop-up activation that has taken 28,240 sq ft. of unused land at Front and Bathurst and is transforming it into an experience of curated discovery. Designed and constructed entirely out of 140 shipping containers, you will find new experiences, new products and form new perceptions.

The Stackt Market will operate from April 2019 through to the end of September 2020 and will become the newest Toronto attraction, with an onsite brewery, event space, food retailers, retail stores and more.

The StartUp Here Toronto unit is located at Stackt Market Unit No. 5-103, 28 Bathurst Street, and the collaboration partners providing vendors for the unit are REMIX Project, Business in the Streets, along with startGBC. 2 Vendors will share the unit at a time and change ever 2-weeks and we encourage you to revisit Stackt Market regularly to discover new Toronto based start-ups every visit.

startGBC Vendors are listed below with company profiles and dates of activation, so be sure to drop in and meet these amazing entrepreneurs!

The unit will be open 7-days a week between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Monday 15th April to Sunday 28th April, 2019

Poco Mono Logo as part of the Stackt Market installation

Poco Monohttp://www.pocomono.ca – Founder: Erin Williams, George Brown College Alumni

Poco Mono is Canada’s newest eco-friendly, 100 percent certified organic children’s clothing line.

Instagram & Facebook: pocomonokids

Lesley Hampton logo as part fo the Stackt Market installation

Lesley Hamptonwww.lesleyhampton.com – Founder: Lesley Hampton, George Brown College Alumni

Founded on the principles of inclusivity, identity, awareness, and heritage, the LESLEY HAMPTON brand’s inspiration is defined by the characteristics developed from being a Third Culture Kid and critiques their application in present day society in fashion, media, and pop culture. Diversity is at the core of every piece created by LESLEY HAMPTON. The brand draws inspiration from notations that embody inclusivity, and broader perceptions of beauty that leads to mental health awareness and body-positive advocacy. 

The LESLEY HAMPTON Wolfpack is the community being built by our brand, to allow for the creation of body positivity, mental health awareness, and diversity in fashion. By coming together and welcoming individuals to our Wolfpack, we create a space for support, belonging, and experience. We take pride in empowering our community, by donating portion of our profits, to assisting other positive spaces for growth, including, indigenous communities and mental wellness platforms.

Instagram: @Lesley_Hampton Twitter: @LesleyHampton

Check out a video of Lesley being interviewed by Global News!

Monday 29th April to Sunday 12th May, 2019

Odds logo as part of the Stackt Market installation

Oddswww.oddsandwin.com – Founders: Darren Sampson & Will Tennyson, George Brown College Alumni

Simply get the app, and play to win real prizes from local restaurants, shops and businesses. The Odds mobile APP was released in October 2018 on both iOS and Android.  Odds is expanding rapidly throughout Markham and Toronto and over the coming months Odds plans are to quickly expand throughout the GTA and beyond, offering Odds players real prizes and offers from 1000s of local restaurants, shops and businesses.  Give it a try, play for free and win real prizes!

Instagram and Facebook: @oddsandwin

UNSGND Logo as part of the Stackt Market activation

UNSGNDwww.unsgnd.ca – Founder: Dymika Harte, George Brown College Alumni

UNSGND, is a female powered creative agency focused on branding small businesses and recording artists in Toronto. Providing services from brand strategy, logo design, to printed merchandise, UNSGND services small businesses, entrepreneurs and recording artists who need help carving out their brands.

All Social Media Channels: @UNSGND

Monday 27th May to Sunday 9th June, 2019

RAWCOLOGY logo as part of Stackt Market activation

RAWCOLOGYhttp://www.rawcology.com – Founder: Tara Tomulka, startGBC/OCE Supported Company

Rawcology is a Toronto-based health food company offering a line of Superfood Coconut Chips, Grain Free Granola and Bars that are always raw, certified organic, plant-based, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and refined sugar free. Our products are unlike any others on the market due to our bold and delicious flavours and our unique production process that dehydrates our snacks at low temperature to preserve nutrient quality.

We are committed to using only the finest organic ingredients and superfoods for added nutrition. Since launching in June 2017, Rawcology products can be found in retail stores, juice bars and cafés across Canada, including Bulk Barn, The Big Carrot, Nature’s Emporium, Well.ca, NaturaMarket.ca, and more.

Social Media: @rawcology

Forbidden Fruit Logo

Forbidden Fruit Juiceswww.forbiddenfruitjuice.ca – Founder: Dina Petsis, startGBC/OCE Supported Company

Forbidden Fruit Juice sprouted in Toronto in 2013 and we have been growing our garden since, all while maintaining our values: Cold pressed, organic, sustainable, and of course, delicious.

Cold-pressed juice maintains the integrity of the fresh produce and allows your body to absorb nutrients in their purest form.  It’s all about pressing instead of grinding. This means vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes remain undamaged and unheated.

We always juice in small batches right here in Toronto …with our mothers, made from 100% certified organic ingredients that are GMO free and grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Facebook & Instagram: @forbiddenfruitjuice

Monday 24th June to Sunday 7th July, 2019

Phat Nutrition Logo as part of Stackt Market Activation

Phat Nutritionwww.getphatnutrition.com – Founder: Eoin Carroll, startGBC/OCE Supported Company

Phat Tea is a new kind of beverage as instead of adding sugars that cause you to crash, gain weight and get hungry we added the most potent MCT oil available to do the exact opposite. Phat Tea is made to help you stay focused, control your weight and keep you satiated.

Instagram: @phat_nutrition Facebook: Phat Nutrition.

Drink Miura Logo as part of Stackt Market activation

Drink Miurawww.drinkmiura.com – Founder: Adam Lewis, startGBC/OCE Supported Company

Miura is a first of its kind, ready-to-drink Japanese-Style Flash Chilled Coffee. Its proprietary brewing process was designed to emulate the way expert Japanese baristas make their prized iced coffees with extreme precision and attention. The coffee is brewed hot to release the flavour and aroma then instantly chilled to locking these in for later consumption.

Social Media: @MiuraCoffee or @DrinkMiura

Monday 2nd September to Sunday 15th September, 2019

Diana Coatsworth Design as part of the Stackt Market activation

Diana Coatsworth Designwww.dianacoatsworthdesign.com – Founder: Diana Coatsworth, George Brown College Alumni

DCD is for woman of all ages, who want quality, tailored looks that are “more style, less effort”.   Diana specializes in custom bridal & red carpet couture, as well as a seasonal collection of upscale garment from casual to event wear.  Fresh, original designs that you can cherish for years.  DCD believes in inclusivity with a body positive message.  Diana knows shopping for clothes can be a vulnerable experience for some, and she cherishes each of her clients by building a lasting relationship with them.   

Facebook & Instagram: @dianacoatsworthdesign

Supramorphous logo as part of Stackt Market activation

Supramorphouswww.supramorphous.com – Founders: Luis Padilla, George Brown College Alumni and Ana Carpio

Supramorphous is an inclusive fashion label created in 2017. Made with sustainable practices and natural fibres of the highest quality textiles. Designed by a forward-thinking duo, Ana Carpio and Luis Padilla fusion product and fashion design.

The brand seeks to create a connection between nature and the human being that is constantly evolving through the aesthetics of design that is expressed in each collection.  The brand’s collections aim to break stereotypes that shape more open-minded persons who enjoy being part of modern society.

Social Media Channels: @supramorphous

Monday 14th October to Sunday 27th October, 2019

Cedar and Vine logo as part of Stackt Market activation

Cedar and Vinewww.cedarandvine.net – Jo Stewart, George Brown College Alumni

There’s an understated beauty in quality + timeless design. This was the philosophy out of which Cedar & Vine was born. What started as a simple passion has evolved into a mindset that encompasses more than just clothing design.

Facebook & Instagram: @cedarandvine

DAB Designs Clothing

DAB Designs Clothingwww.dabdesignsclothing.ca – Donna-Angella Bartley, George Brown College Alumni

Dab Designs clothing specializes in creating sustainable clothing for wardrobe accent pieces, wardrobe styling for creative photography, videography, personal branding for promotion and profiles for music artists and red carpet wardrobes. Designing and creating timeless pieces. Dab Designs Clothing is a collaborating partner with Stitch Fit Team Canada

Facebook: @dabdesign’s Instagram: @dabdesignsclothing

Monday 25th November to Sunday 8th December, 2019

My Wine Canadamywinecanada.com – Founder: Jackie McLachlan, George Brown College Incubator Company

My Wine Canada is an online wine finder that enables Canadian consumers to shop for and buy wine online from Canada’s top wine producers. This means you get to learn about and buy the very best Canadian wine online, anytime, without going anywhere. Our process is very simple: just pick it, ship it and sip it.

My Wine Canada is built on the knowledge that Canadian wine is among the best in the world. At My Wine Canada, we’re bridging the gap between wineries and consumers in this country with two specific goals: to provide wineries with alternative and additional sales opportunities, and to provide consumers with greater access to our wonderful domestic wines.

Social Media Channels: @MyWineCanada