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How to improve and share your skills?

Hey startGBC readers!

My name is Tammy Johns and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Skills.com.
I am so proud to announce our launch and introduce you to the Skills.com community and platform!

It was an honor to have launched three weeks ago today at the UpSkill America summit held at the White House in response to the President’s call to action in January of this year to equip front-line workers with the skills they need to advance in their careers. We believe that Skills.com (along with other great collaborations and partnerships) will contribute to helping close the Skills Gap that exists today.

Below and on our home page you will find a video describing Skills.com and our mission. This video was created by Skills.com community member Lucas Ridley who also earned “fist bumps” by sharing other videos with the Skills.com community.

We want YOU to share your skills with our community! What is it that all of your friends ask you for advice about? If you are looking for help developing your personal brand, need advice on how to nail a job interview or even need to check the fluids in your car or cut an exact angle on a piece of wood, there are videos by our awesome community members to help you out. Ultimately, it is up to you to contribute back to the community by sharing your skills. So please, think about sharing what you know by posting a video. You don’t even need to appear in the video if you are camera shy. Check out the great video by community member Natasha Bailey on creating an awesome power point presentation in which we only hear her voice.

So what are you waiting for? Become a member of the Skills.com community and start filming all the amazing skills that you have been mastering and share them to help others learn and grow NOW!

Sign Up to Skills.com

For more information on our launch please check out our press release.

Please let us know what you think of the platform by emailing us at info@skills.com. Your feedback is not only appreciated but also encouraged!

We hope that you will become a member of our community so we can all learn, share and Grow Together!


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