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Google Developer Group (GDG) Cloud Toronto Hosts NEXT ’19 Extended Event at GBC

GDG Cloud Toronto, in partnership with startGBC, hosted their NEXT ’19 Extended event on April 27, 2019. Organized by GBC Student Vimal Kumar, and GBC Alumni Ramkumar Arun, Next Extended brings together developer communities around the world to take part in the Next ’19 experience. This event is an extension of Next – allowing local developers to access exciting Next ’19 content and engage with peers across the community through hands-on-labs and speakers.

With 106 people in attendance, attendees listened to talks from Rohit Gupta, a solutions engineer for the Google Cloud platform, and Anuj Jaitly, a serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner for BlazeClan Technologies Americas.

GDG Cloud Toronto’s vision is to create a co-learning ecosystem for cloud technologies. They believe technology is not limited to just IT professionals/students or geeks, but that everyone is impacted by technology in one or other way, therefore it is very important for everyone to have some degree of understanding in current and future technologies.

Congratulations to Vimal and Ramkumar for organizing a successful event!

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