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GlobalStart Voucher Program

The GlobalStart Voucher Program supports youth-led start-ups across Ontario that are engaged with CLAs/OCEAs and RICs that target Global Markets. Youth-led start-ups selected for this program will be placed with a host incubator/accelerator in the selected global market for three to six months. CLAs/OCEAs and RICs will nominate start-ups for this program. Preference is given to start-ups that demonstrate a reasonable chance of achieving sales, investment and/or partnerships as a result of the Voucher.

Selected start-ups must identify the accelerator/incubator in the country of choice during the application stage.

The GlobalStart Voucher Program aims to help Ontario-based, youth-led start-ups:

  • Immerse themselves in a selected global market through a three to four month placement with a host incubator/accelerator;
  • Develop strong business relationships that are only possible through sustained face-to-face interaction;
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of the opportunity within that market; and
  • Achieve tangible business goals in the selected global market outside of Canada and the U.S.A, such as:
    • Sales,
    • Investment, and
    • Strategic partnerships

While preference is given to companies travelling to international markets outside of the U.S.A, travel to the U.S.A may be considered on a case-by-case basis where it will have significant impact on the company.

In order to apply for this program, you must be nominated by a Campus Lead Accelerator/Ontario Centre of Excellence Accelerator or a RIC. If you are interested, please contact startgbc@georgebrown.ca.

DEADLINE: All approved Global Start projects must be completed by March 31, 2018. Applicants must complete their travel to the host country before March 31, 2018; any expenses incurred thereafter will not be approved.

For more information on this program, click here.

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