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GBC Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nikole Goncalves

Nikole Goncalves

Creator of Health Nut Nutrition

2011 Graduate, Business Marketing Advance Diploma


Nikole Goncalves is the creator of Health Nut Nutrition, a popular YouTube channel that shares healthy, but tasty food recipes that are “guaranteed to make your taste buds dance.” She graduated from George Brown College in 2011 with an advanced Diploma in Business Marketing and went on to work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Randstand Canada while working on Health Nut Nutrition on the side.

Her idea for Health Nut Nutrition blossomed when she realized she was still able to make healthy food recipes while backpacking through Australia with her partner. That experience inspired Nikole to show others how healthy living is easy, no matter where you are. Here is an excerpt taken from her website:

Back in February 2012, I was living and backpacking my way through some of the most beautiful lands of Australia and South East Asia with my boyfriend and partner in crime – Mr. Matthew. It was an amazing experience, but it can be hard to eat healthy when you’re moving place to place, with sometimes not even access to a kitchen. To Matt and I, healthy living was still an important part of our adventure and the more healthy recipes I created on the go, the more I wanted to share them with others to show that healthy living is easy, no matter where you are. And that’s when HealthNut Nutrition was born.

Nikole Goncalves YouTube channel currently has $267,000 and counting. If you’d like to learn more about Nikole Conclaves and Health Nut Nutrition, check out her website at www.healthnutnutrition.ca.


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