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GBC Entrepreneur Spotlight: Monah Water

Monah Water

Founder of

Majestic Wisdom and Eloquent Expressions

Monah Water is an aspiring writer, fashion designer, Founder and CEO of two emerging businesses—Majestic Wisdom, an African-inspired premium lifestyle brand with a creative cultural edge, and Eloquent Expressions, a dynamic professional writing and design company.

Monah’s love for creative expression, culture, and purpose led her to turn negative childhood experiences of growing up Ghanian-Liberian in North America into inspiration—building a growing fashion brand that promotes cultural diversity, education, self-empowerment, and advocacy.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the writing field, she also established Eloquent Expressions as a platform to nurture her long-lived passion for writing, and transform the way language is expressed, while sharing the gift of storytelling and meaningful messaging with those desiring to communicate and connect with others through the written word.

We asked Monah what advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her answer:

Trust and support your vision. Don’t allow limiting input and feedback from others stop you from pursuing your passion and staying the course. In the early stages of starting your business, it is easy to be influenced, distracted, and even discouraged by negative criticisms, unwarranted advice, and unfortunately, naysayers. Seeking guidance and support is valuable in this time, but more so, making an intentional effort to build a strong and diverse network of trusted advisors will help you stay focused, motivated, and equipped for success as you work towards your goals.  

To learn more about Majestic Wisdom and Eloquent Expressions, check out their social media handles:

Majestic Wisdom 
Facebook – Majestic Wisdom
Twitter – @_majesticwisdom
Instagram – @majesticwisdom
Eloquent Expressions
Facebook – Eloquent Expressions
Twitter – @e_expressionsTO
Instagram – @e_expressionsTO
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