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GBC Entrepreneur Spotlight: Karen Barbalat

Karen Barbalat

Founder of Marble Meals

Karen Barbalat founder of Marble Meals is a Certified Red Seal Chef and Nutrition Manager.  Marble meals is a service company that provides a variety of gourmet offerings prepared with the attention and care you can expect from a home cooked meal.

Karen is a George Brown College alumni, having achieved a Culinary Management Diploma and a Food and Nutrition Management Post-Graduate Certificate from the George Brown College Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.   The creation of Marble Meals in 2016 was lead by Karen’s passion for nutrition and healthy living.  Recognizing that her friends and family had to make compromises, with their diet in order to keep up with their busy life styles, led to the creation of this exciting business.

The Marble Meals philosophy is that healthy eating should be affordable, gourmet, and convenient. The team believe that food should be locally sourced and organic. This means the proteins they use are antibiotic and hormone free and we use seasonal ingredients so you can get the quality and freshness you deserve in your food.

Marble Meals promise that you will always get a full meal, balanced macro nutrients, and a quality experience.  There food will always be something you can recognize and made with ingredients you can pronounce.  They don’t add refined sugars or overload with sodium so what you eat will never be too salty or too sweet. It will be clean, recognizable, and unprocessed.

Karen’s advice for inspiring entrepreneurs is “it’s important to enjoy the process of what you’re doing rather than just focusing on the end goal. Being an entrepreneur isn’t linear. It’s not the same as receiving credits, going through the motions and then graduating. Fiercely pursing your goals with persistence and patience will give you what you need to sustain yourself through the journey of entrepreneurship and business development.  Be resourhttps://marblemeals.com/ceful!  We have so much at our fingertips.  Read or listen to audiobooks during your commute, consume free inspirational and educational content on social media, reach out to mentors or individuals who are where you’d like to be. Lastly, work hard, be smart and believe in yourself – you must be your own biggest fan.”

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