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GBC Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dymika Harte

Dymika Harte
Founder of UNSGND

startGBC 2018 Student Entrepreneur of the Year 

Dymika Harte is the founder of UNSGND, an all-female creative agency. Finding her start in high school, competing in design and photography competitions, and eventually landing her first design contract with the City of Toronto, Dymika quickly turned her passion into a business. UNSGND is one stop branding, design and print hub for small businesses and recording artists driven by young female creatives. UNSGND specializes in executing strategy, design, photography, logo, merchandise and printing. As a recent graduate of the Graphic Design program at George Brown College, and this year’s GBC Entrepreneur of the Year, Dymika is ready to step into her business full-time and take the design world by storm. For more information on UNSGND, visit: www.unsgnd.ca.

We asked Dymika what piece of advice she would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s what she said:

Be patient. Building a business is like nurturing a plant — you’ll work at it every day and night, not see results at first, but there will be if you’re consistent. Sometimes you’ll feel like giving up and wonder why you’re doing it, but you’ll need to step back and remember your end goal, whatever that may be. You can give up today not knowing that tomorrow was the day that you got your big break.

If you’d like to learn more about Dymika, check out her social media channels:

Instagram: @dymikaharte / @UNSGND

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dymikaharte/


GBC Spotlight Talks:

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She’s a recent graduate, she’s an entrepreneur, and she’s ready to answer your questions on how she started her creative agency, UNSGND!

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