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GBC Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chalo Hancock

Chalo Hancock

Co-founder of Christpher Paunil Designs Inc.

Chalo is the Co-founder of Christopher Paunil Designs, a luxury bridal fashion brand. Chalo, a George Brown College alumni, graduated from the Construction Technology Management Program in 2005. Since then, he has made the shift to the world of business and fashion.

Chalo is the strategic and business brainpower behind Christopher Paunil, bringing his extensive experience as an executive director, ability to build something from nothing, and general prowess in operations to the company. With his remarkable strength in logistics, Chalo is responsible for the overall direction and growth for Christopher Paunil. He is an honest, open communicator who is inspired by the art and science of the fashion industry and intrigued by the future of design.

We asked Chalo what advice he would give to aspiring entrepreneurs. His answer:

Get better at visioning the future. Yes, I feel this can be learned. Building a business is like drawing a map and being open-minded to changing course all the time. If you’re not great imagining the future find someone you trust who has great vision and make it your own. And go find ten mentors, not just one. Find good people who have done it before you and are willing to share. If it hasn’t been done before find ‘component’ mentors (hr, legal, market, finance, innovation) and treat them with care.

To learn more about Christopher Paunil Designs, click here.

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