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GBC Students Compete At WWF Hackathon!

Left to right: Nuo Zheng, Adrianna Jane, Charles Jackson, Lia Bezerra, and Frederico Neumann.

Five students were chosen to represent George Brown College at the first ever World Wildlife Fund (WWF) hackathon! With themes surrounding sustainability and the circular economy, students from multiple post-secondary institutions were expected to come up with a sustainable solution of their choosing.

Team GBC – consisting of Lia Bezerra, Adrianna Jane, Frederico Neumann, Charles Jackson, and Nuo Zheng – pitched the Zero Waste @ Campus initiative that would help students limit the amount of waste that’s produce on campus. The general idea behind the Zero Waste @ Campus initiative was to implement a store on campus that would sell reusable, sustainable products, such as reusable water bottles etc. The money made from the store would then go back to the school to further support efforts in reducing waste at George Brown College.

Although team GBC did not win, we are so proud of our George Brown College students and the work they put in to ideating the Zero Waste @ Campus initiative!

We’d like to give a special thanks to Stephanie Foster, the sustainability coordinator at GBC, for all the hard work she put into helping organize the WWF hackathon! We would also like to thank all the wonderful people at WWF for making this competition possible. This was an excellent opportunity for post-secondary students to develop the entrepreneurial mindset employers are looking for when hiring recent graduates. We are thankful that our students were able to share their ideas on sustainability with those who participated in the WWF hackathon. We hope to be part of this wonderful competition next year!

Left to right: Nu Zheng, Neal Lilliot, Frederico Neumann, Safia Amin, Adrianna Jane, Lia Bezerra, and Charles Jackson.

Team GBC presents their Zero Waste @ Campus Initiative!


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