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The Fundamentals

The startGBC Fundamental Workshops have been designed to help learners to understand the basic building blocks of entrepreneurship.  From ideation, research, product validation through to pitching the idea to others.  Even if you never become an entrepreneur, the learning outcomes of these workshops will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  How to think in a more critical and design thinking way.

On completion of all 4 workshops you will earn an electronic badge of recognition that can be used with your social media profiles.  Each workshop subject matter is presented once per semester, 3-times per year.  We recommend that you complete in the following order, 1. Ideation, 2. Business Model Canvas, 3. Product Validation and 4. The Pitch.  To register for your free place on the next workshop please click on the appropriate session below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]