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Entreprenergy, startGBC Launch ‘How To Start A Business In Canada, Meet The Mentors’ event

Neal Lilliott, Manager of startGBC, gives welcoming remarks.

Entreprenergy, in partnership with startGBC, launched their first event geared towards international students interested in starting a business in Canada. With startGBC mentors present, as well as industry professionals with a background in law, intellectual property, and finance, attendants were provided insight on how they can overcome the hurdles of starting a business in Canada.

Barbara Doherty and Eugene Gierczak presenting.

Lawyers Barbara Doherty and Eugene Gierczak from Miller Thompson LLC developed a presentation for foreign individuals and companies from all around the world who were interested in coming to Canada to establish or expand their business. They provided insight on the different options non-permanent resident could choose from if they wanted to embarak on their entrepreneurial journeys in Canada. Barbara and Eugene’s presentation was followed by a Q&A lead by the audience and a networking session where the attendants were given the opportunity to speak with Doherty or Gierczak on a one-on-one basis, and meet and speak with the startGBC mentors.

Event attendees during the networking/Meet The Mentors session.

Attendees engaging with startGBC mentors.

The networking session was followed by two presentations from Andres Irachates, a finance executive and business partner at ADC Financial, and Felipe Soares, the founder of Next Level Hub. Both Andres and Felipe spoke about some of the financial issues that plague non-permanent resident entrepreneurs and ways those barriers could be overcome through alternative funding options.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Barbara Doherty and Eugene Gierczak from Miller Thompson LLC, Andres Irachates from ADC Financial, Felipe Soares from Next Level Hub, and all of the startGBC mentors who took the time out of their busy schedules to support George Brown College students in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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