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The Creative Entrepreneurship Program


This 40-hour program will help you turn a creative practice into a sustainable and rewarding business. The creative sector is undergoing a period of significant change and approaches to entrepreneurship need to reflect this ongoing transformation. Funding, copyright, business models, community engagement, branding, technology, and emerging markets and audiences are all central concerns of creators across disciplines and organizational forms.

The Launchpad Creative Entrepreneurship Program draws on the strengths and qualities of creative work to prepare you to build a new structure for your creative work or renew an existing institution to better reflect the world around you. You won’t be asked to sit down and listen, but rather will engage with ideas, models, experts, and fellow participants to map out your future success and get a head start on a new path.

The focus is on you and the relationships, skills, and knowledge you need to move your ambitions forward. Launchpad Creative Entrepreneurship Program will equip you to make a meaningful difference for your organization, your community and yourself.

What you will gain:

  • Understanding of how different relationships and activities make up your overall business, while keeping your creative practice in the centre
  • Identification of who you are trying to serve, and their needs
  • Approaches to developing and nurturing the relationships you need to succeed
  • Increased overall speed and impact of project initiatives
  • New insights and solutions through the use of a new toolkit to help you and your team(s) think collaboratively and work on projects together
  • A map and plan to generate new revenue and new markets for your work
  • Confidence to share your ideas with familiar and unfamiliar audiences

Who should register?

The Creative Entrepreneurship Program is for artists, designers, and creators looking to turn their creative practice into a creative business or for creative business leaders looking to evolve their organization.


For more information on how you can apply, click here!

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