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Cities of Tomorrow Competition

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Cities of Tomorrow is a competition of ideas where teams of post-secondary students from across Ontario are invited to submit innovative proposals for an urban project or policy idea. Ontario’s large urban centres face a series of complex challenges as they continue to grow at a rapid pace and The Large Urban Mayor’s Caucus of Ontario (LUMCO) is looking for your help to find the solutions for these challenges.

Current and recently graduated Ontario post-secondary students are eligible to submit proposals addressing a policy need for Ontario cities. The top 5-7 submissions in the province will be selected by Cities of Tomorrow staff in consultation with municipal policy experts. Finalists will be invited to a Fall Showcase in downtown Toronto to present their proposal to a panel of judges comprised of Ontario’s Big City Mayors, academics, government officials and business leaders.

 How do I participate?

Teams of 2-5 students, all of whom are either enrolled in an Ontario post-secondary institution or were attending one during the 2014-2015 school year will be able to submit a maximum 2,500 word proposal outlining their idea. Proposals from all academic disciplines are welcome and multi-disciplinary proposals are encouraged as it is expected that proposals may include content from architecture, engineering, science, public policy, social work, economics and/or business.

You can sign up to get more information on the contact section of this website, and read the full competition outline here.

Why should I participate?

This contest provides a unique opportunity for you, as a current or recently graduated post-secondary student, to apply your knowledge to real world issues and help shape the future of Ontario’s urban centres. Moreover, there are cash prizes totalling $50,000 to be awarded to winners, as well as the opportunity interact with a variety of leaders in the business, government and academic fields.

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