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Chillwall.com–It will be new sites like these that lead to AI


Chillwall.com is a new free easy way to discover fun things to do in your local community this summer in just TWO clicks.

Local events discover users with Chillwall’s personalized recommendations. Chillwall’s smart recommendations are unique and personal. They learn and improve based on your passions and interests and evolve with you. Never any forms to fill out.

Chillwall.com was developed and created in Toronto. Chillwall is pleased to partner with George Brown supported by our first intern’s Jordan Temple and Berk DeLevi from the Digital & Strategic Relationship Marketing programs. Both Jordan and Berk are helping to introduce and grow chillwall.com.

Great for visitors or residents looking to discover local self-improvement courses to free festivals & outdoor movies.

Try Chillwall.com. Signup is always Free.

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