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Be a Reverse Mentor – Start now!



If you are about to graduate, you need experience, and maybe you also want to layer on some exposure to entrepreneurship.  Here’s a way to leverage your abilities as a digital native. They’re very valuable to many entrepreneurs who are doing their best to navigate social media and to formulate their own digital marketing strategies.  Identify a leader that you respect and admire, and offer to be their “reverse mentor”.  Maybe they need to decide between Facebook and linkedin.  Maybe they need help with Twitter or Instagram or blogging.  Maybe they just need a gentle push to get them started and they’ll be shocked and delighted to see all those likes, and all those new leads.  There are still lots of small businesses and non-profits that offer wonderful products and services but have not embraced social media effectively due to fear or ignorance or lack of time and resources to implement and follow up on the results.  This is where you can shine!  You will gain real-life experience problem-solving for a real-life organization, you will be networking, and you will have a reference to build on as you embark on your career.

Your first opportunity is to be a reverse mentor at startGBC!  We are looking for the savviest social media wizards to bring all of our channels to life with smart, creative content.  Reach out to me at amy.matchen@georgebrown.ca and let’s start.

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