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startGBC, your gateway to entrepreneurship at George Brown College, is a virtual hub connecting students, alumni and the community with resources, programs and support to foster a culture of entrepreneurship on campus and beyond.  We offer all students, no matter their course of study, access to innovation literacy (the ability to think creatively, evaluate and apply problem-solving to diverse and intangible issues) and a fundamental toolkit of entrepreneurial skills.

startGBC is partnered with Ryerson University, MaRS and Accelerator U and has received an investment from the Government of Ontario’s On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) program, under the Youth Jobs Strategy (managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence).

startGBC operates from the Office of Research and Innovation. The program is “virtual yet personal”, and is accessible on every campus.  startGBC is itself a start-up, and will collaborate and partner with all schools and programs across all George Brown College campuses to deliver:

  • On-line resources, directing students to the wealth of learning and funding options available
  • Office hours, offering aspiring entrepreneurs guidance from mentors and advice from professional service providers
  • Programming and events, including the Why Not Me speaker series, featuring alumni entrepreneurs and The Practical Entrepreneur workshop program.

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